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Here's A List Of  Obama's Impeachable Crimes 

There is clear and convincing evidence that President Barack Obama has on numerous occasions willfully committed treason and high crimes and misdemeanors and should be removed from office.

We need to do what Obama did; bypass Congress and go straight to a Supreme Court Justice and sue Obama for treason and high crimes and misdemeanors. Ask the Supreme Court Justice to issue a warrant for Obama's arrest, Obama's entire Administrations, and our entire Congress.  They all aided and abetted him in his vile crimes.

See the list at this link:

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Strange Experiences

True Stories

Have you ever had a weird or eerie experience that you couldn't explain? Something as simple as knowing you've visited a place you've never been before, or as complicated as knowing something bad was going to happen?  And it does. This is a discussion board to help each other, and who knows, maybe someone has the answer.  Not to mention the stories are pretty interesting, too.

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  The Truth About Thyroid Disorders

                Things your doctor won't tell you

Here's the real truth about Thyroid Disorders as seen though the bloodshot eyes of a Thyroid Disease victim.


God Bless America

Congratulations to Dave Brat for his win over Eric Cantor. Good job, Dave.  

Congratulations to the people of America for your push to remove tyranny from our beloved county. Great job!